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Our Mission

We Produce The Vegetables That Make You Fine.

Who We Are?

We’re professional organic farming company in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.
The director is Shuichi TOKUMOTO who got into agriculture from IT industry. He became a father for three children when he worked at Tokyo as IT-Sales. As you may know, there’re no nature in Tokyo. In addition, vegetables that sold at a market in Tokyo are not fresh, as children’s meal at least. He thought it’s not good for his children, because his hometown “Tottori” has many beautiful nature and he grew up there with delicious vegetables when he was child. Therefore he thought “I have to go back to Tottori with my family for starting my agriculture!” It was 2009.

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We’re Producing High-Quality Organic Vegetables.

Our vegetables are super tasty, super safety and super nourishing. Because our produce method are;

  • We DON’T use any chemical fertilizers and agrichemicals.
  • Our actions are based on the data. We make soil analytics often, and apply organic fertilizers, compost and minerals that calculated along analysis data of soil.(BLOF Theory)
  • We’re farming along three important point-of-views that physical, chemical and microbial.

These methods able to brings around 5 times of quantity of vegetables more than custom and traditional agriculture in Japan.

Where is our field in Japan?

We’re working in a Japanese traditional farming village named “Iizato” (Tottori Pref, Japan). There’s a lot of beautiful nature. Especially water named “Fuse-no-Shimizu” has selected beautiful natural water of Top 100 in Japan by Ministry of the Environment.

What are we producing?

In 2017 / Komatsuna, Potato and Carrot. Authenticated by Japanese organic vegetable certification system “JAS”.
(In 2016 / Potato, Plant-Egg, Carotte, Komatsuna, Sweet potato, Radish, Chinese cabbage, Lettuce, Cabbage, Spinach.)

What does our name means?

ootabu-no-kiThis big and old tree in the photo is near our farm, named “Ootabu-no-ki”. Our name is TREE & NORF. TREE included on our name is this tree, and NORF means Farmer in Japanese. We imagine that we’re farming at our farm near the tree with smile, and it must be very beautiful scene.

How to contact us?

We’re very sorry, but inquiries by phone will be in Japanese only. Email can be inquired in English.

359 Iizato Tottori-shi Tottori-ken, Japan 689-0343 (Google Map)
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